Fastrak® Flatbed Trailer Rolling Tarp System

When you add up all the benefits of the Fastrak® Rolling Tarp System compared to the hassle of manual tarping, there is simply no argument.

A Fastrak tarp glides over the load without ever touching your customer’s product, projecting a professional image to your clients. Your drivers simply walk the tarp closed, tension the tarp, lower the flap door, and depart.

Details make the difference. Designed for ease of use, longevity, and low maintenance, Fastrak is the most thoroughly engineered system on the market. Computer aided design and testing is used to anticipate and eliminate areas of limited strength, and advanced materials increase the long-term durability of component parts.

The strength and security of Fastrak is backed by an industry-leading warranty and factory support from TarpStop®.

Flush Mount Bolt-On Design

Our modular, bolt-on bulkhead requires only two small welds for installation. No specialized tools or fabricators are needed to remove for trailer maintenance or bulkhead repair. Fastrak’s bulkhead won’t wreck your trailer or require continual repair on cracked welds.

Aerodynamic Advantage

Fastrak’s beveled sides and top provide a proven AERODYNAMIC ADVANTAGE! Reduce drag, and save fuel!

Full Sized Man Door Available

Fastrak II offers a 30” x 60” man door with two stainless steel twist locks integrated into its bulkhead. (Not standard but available as an upgrade)

Choose Your Skin

Fastrak II’s captive latch insert system allows you to pick the type of bulkhead skin you would like. Whether you choose the standard smooth aluminum or an option such as diamond plate or stainless steel, your bulkhead insert will be framed by precision extruded aircraft grade aluminum.

The FastLatch allows for the system to open from the ground at the front of the trailer while allowing the front bow to roll past your full width loads with ease. The Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction of FastLatch provides worry-free operation without the complexity of others’ front tension systems.

The full length pull of FastLatch provides a leak-free seal to the bulkhead the day you pick your unit up and, unlike competitor’s front tensioning systems, years into your investment.

Can’t see anything? A full length skylight is a standard feature on all Fastrak II Rolling Tarp Systems. With precision RF welded seams on both sides of the skylight, it provides light while ensuring a watertight cover for your trailer.

Should you ever encounter a damaged or worn part on your system, Fastrak II’s modular design allows for the quickest most cost effective repairs available. Turn a bolt, pull a panel or choose the replacement item from our comprehensive parts catalog. Then simply replace the part with a new piece from our stock inventory to get back on the road.

Our all new patent pending track design is made of 6061-T6 extruded aluminum with an UHMW wear guard insert. Our track includes a damage resistant captive wheel design, guide wheel protection channel, integrated air deflector, full-length EPDM splash guard and stainless steel track stops front & rear. Optional sealed extruded light bar track also available.


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Maximum Storage…Minimum Effort

The crank up rear door gives the driver the ability to open and close the tarp with the greatest of ease and lifts completely above the frame to eliminate interference with your load.

Rain Visor

Fastrak II’s rain visor ensures that your load stays dry and no rain from above or run-off from the top of the tarp penetrates the tail and funnels into the cargo area.

Velcro Rain-Flaps

Fastrak II’s rain flaps ensure that your load stays dry and your tail stays secure when out on the road. With hook and loop Velcro on the frame and the rain flap, drivers are assured a long lasting life out of their tail flaps.

Unit Heights

We offer 7’3″“standard inside height” as well as 8’2″“full height.” We are willing to customize the tarp for ANY SIZE you ask. Don’t have a standard flatbed? We also cater to straight-truck systems and drop deck trailers.

Top Quality Fabric

Our 20 1/2 ounce, high gloss acrylic coated fabric provides a shiny look with added UV and erosion protection on the outside, while two layers of the fabric reinforce the tarp at every potential wear spot, protecting your tarp from the inside.

When you want your tarp to be the tightest on the road and need the convenience and safety of tensioning your Fastrak II system from the ground, standard is your A-Frame rear tensioning system.

TarpStop’s design, that incorporates a safety pin on each A-Frame to keep the tensioner in place when the tarp is open, is easily removed from the deck when loading to provide an unobstructed platform.

Built stronger with thicker materials than similarly offered tensioners, Fastrak II’s A-Frames will stand up to the rigors of the road, keeping your bow structure stable and your tarp wrinkle free.

Self-Sealing Watertight

TarpStop’s precision RF welded seams along with Fastrak’s self-sealing tarp bottom combine to provide a watertight cover for your trailer.

One issue that so many truckers out on the road seem to have is covering loads that use up every last square inch of their trailer deck. With this concern, one might think that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to run these loads with a Fastrak system on their trailer.

Having the max-width allows you up to 104” inside width on your trailer WITHOUT going over the legal limit. This option is especially convenient for those hauling standard and military vehicles.


▸ View Our Available Fastrak® Flatbed Trailer Rolling Tarp System Inventory

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